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Headquartered in Europe on the picturesque Mediterranean island of Cyprus; Modawake aims to provide you with an unprecedented customer service experience. Therefore despite the elusive nature of each and every one of our competitors, we on the other hand believe in total transparency.


The EUROPEAN UNION has strict laws on safety. Indian pharmaceuticals would not pass quality control. Purchasing Modalert and other such products are considered laughable and haphazard. Analogy? – 1959 Dom Perignon 🍾 = Modawake. Homebrew Hooch (made in Pakistan/India) = The rest.
Do you consider yourself intelligent?  If you answered positively to the aforementioned question then you know…it’s a “NO-BRAINER”.


We gladly provide support throughout all stages of a purchase and thus present you-our loyal customer/associate with a human face, for your satisfaction is also ours. As you may have noticed if you’ve been an online modafinil customer long enough you’ve probably noticed a dubious trend. Company after company closing down and recommending another (usually the same company reopening under a new name due to fraud, excessive charge-backs). If you’re smart…DITCH THEM NOW. Modawake is your source and here to stay. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions queries regarding our services or your orders.

What sets MODAWAKE apart besides the high-quality products?

One on one personal customer care experience for all. Your satisfaction is of paramount importance here at Modawake.

No-frills online supplier of Modafinil.

Our mission:

To supply you with the highest grade brand-name European Modafinil without raiding your wallet!


Only three words are needed to express 1000.  No photo is necessary!

We’re not in the business to waste your time, nor are we here to get you excited. As of now, we can boast that we are the only online supplier that does not deal with any underground unsanitary products / Indian generics, but original Modafinil: Modiodal (Provigil – United States)

We understand it has been a long time coming.  Nevertheless we are proud to welcome you to your new source of genuine Modafinil.

Modiodal by Teva is the brand name equivalent of Provigil (Cephalon) in the US. 


Each tablet contains 100mg Modafinil

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