About Modawake

Modiodal by Teva is the brand name equivalent of Provigil (Cephalon) in the US. 

The only difference is we’re offering it at TEN TIMES less than the US retail price.  How you may ask?  We’re not required to abide by ridiculous laws whereby individuals or corporations can get away with selling anything for whatever price they chose.  It could cost them 3 bucks to make.  For you, it’s 3 grand, my friend!  FREEDOM!

It’s disconcerting when such greed is displayed in the market segment critical for optimal health such as the Nootropic and Eugeroic supplement industry.

India?  Leaving aside Ramana Maharshi, we know what kind of picture spontaneously springs to mind…

Located in the EU, you don’t need to ask if the pills are handled with gloves!

Brand name Modafinil for less than the price of those DIRTY INDIAN GENERICS.   
Stop getting ripped off like a SUCKER!




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